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"I wish to do something Great and Wonderful, but I must start by doing the little things like they were Great and Wonderful"
Albert Einstein

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I was born in 1991 in an ancient world heritage city called √Čvora in Portugal.

My first contact with a computer was in 1997 and I was absolutely fascinated, quickly I became a computer enthusiast.

I was different from other kids using computers, since I always wanted to know how everything worked and how things could be done.

In 1999 my parents decided to install a dial-up internet service, back in the days when the telephone became unusable when you were using the internet and you were charged per hour.

I quickly mastered the internet and by 2002 I started reading a lot of articles about phrehacking and then hacking and managed to do quite a mess and I ended up by putting myself into awkward situations.

In 2003 I discovered front-page and started making my first website. By 2004 I mastered HTML and started learning about server management, at this time I was very interested in the streaming world and in making online radio stations. In 2005 I started learning PHP and MySQL languages initially referenced to me by a Brazilian friend, that I met online and had started a web hosting venture that clearly failed but was quite fun. By 2006 I already mastered HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL and I started making some fun systems, at this time I entered in the gaming world and started to learn Linux with some VPS's I purchased with some money I was already making online, also at this time I began to make freelance online, programming for the first time for clients. In the next year, 2007, I created with a friend from Porto an online game service provider that was a very fun and educative experience, I was developing the role of server administrator, supporter, technical manager and programmer.

By this time I was already doing online freelance with customers all over the world, what they didn't know was that back there I was only 16 years old (actually 15 when I started).

Apart from my online movement I was already in high-school witch I finished in 2010, I've completed a professional course of management and maintenance of Informatic Equipments, witch provided me a third level European Professional Degree.

As soon as I got off of high school I managed to become an open source developer by getting an internship in the company that I currently work on, Digitalwks.

Digitalwks is a digital producer that supports marketing agencies providing them engineering services.

Cutting it short: The agencies imagine the platform and we build it, we make it happen.

Digitalwks only work for advertising agencies, and do not makes the creative part of the job, just the fun part: Creating code that will end up being seen by millions, since we usually work for huge brands.

This was just a brief overview of what made me what I am today, there are a lot more background stories and knowledge areas but I'll keep that for later :)

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